Just arrived back from visiting a potential new client. Happy to say it was worth both of us spending our evening discussing his marketing. Happy to say he would like me to work with him and I am really looking forward to helping him get the best from his advertising. Thanks Peter!


New client today tells me he signed up for some advertising for £2500. When he pulled out the paperwork to let me know exactly what he’d got for his money, it transpires that the paperwork states a total of over £5000! Now I’m drafted in to sort it all out….luckily we caught it just before the print deadline!


Updating and upgrading a clients web presence this afternoon. Lots more calls for you Calvin!


Having just attended two amazing days in the presence of my new hero, Doug Richard, from Dragon’s Den, I am in awe of this brilliant man. I have been mesmerised by his ability, with a few simple questions, to advise any person from any business sector how they can enhance their business. Truly inspirational!
A fantastic couple of days; highly recommended.


Really looking forward to the bootcamp next week www.webfuelledbusiness.com


A recent client of mine in #Devon was over the moon that I had spotted an error with some online #advertising he had agreed to. Left unchecked this could have done untold damage to his reputation. And he got a credit to his account! Whenever you book advertising, check, check and check again.


Attended this event by Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and it was really great. Met about 40 or so new contacts in about 2 hours. Highly recommended – although quite tiring! Give it a go if you get the chance.


Looking forward to my first speed networking event at Plymouth Chamber of Commerce today. I should meet around 60 new contacts. I’ll post later and you know how it went.


I recently attended a networking event in Torbay.
Anne Walker MBE Founder & CEO at International Dance Supplies attended as speaker.
She was truly an inspirational lady with a really interesting story of how she started out as a dance school teacher with 8 pupils and last year turned over £8 million with her international dancewear company.
Two things in particular will stick in my mind.
She said ‘I believe that you can’t grow bigger than your dreams’ and ‘People say you should aim for the stars, I say, if you aim for the heavens, the stars come for free’.