What’s in a name?

They say that best inspiration comes from the sub-conscious, when the mind is relaxed and you’re not trying too hard.
Well, I couldn’t have been more relaxed when I thought up the brand Think. Act. Grow. I was on holiday in the Gili Islands in Indonesia and I was slowly swimming up and down the pool. It was peace and quiet personified.
I knew I wanted to start the business and recognised the importance of having a brand that, pardon the cliché, ‘did what it said on the tin’.
I had already decided on a business name, Smart Consulting. ‘Smart’ a word that’s on-trend right now with Smart products everywhere. It means that they practically think for you and do everything, so that part was easy.
The brand needed more thought. It needed to deliver the message, quickly and with punch. Be creative, yet relevant.
So, in this quiet place, with all the colours of Asia, floating in ambient waters, under an azure sky Think. Act. Grow. simply popped into my head.
It seemed almost too easy and I spent quite some time trying to think of a reason why it wasn’t right. But no, it was perfect. Read on to find out why.