Why are we here?


OK, so let’s be honest here. The chances are that you don’t really know where you are getting your business from. You think you get a lot through word of mouth. And you do some online and directory advertising just to be on the safe side because you think it tops up the word of mouth enquiries. You are plodding along quite nicely and you just don’t have the time to devote to it anyway. Sounds like you? Believe me, you’re not alone here. Think about it. You are probably pouring money down the drain.
Every single business is different and marketing has many different facets. So, working as part of your team, we take the time to think about your business. What will get you noticed? We take the journey your customer takes. We’ll do the research and work out what fits.


According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition is as follows:
act – to take action in order to bring about; fulfil the function or serve the purpose of; take effect; have a particular effect.
Not you, of course. Us. All you need to do is call for help and naturally, you always have the final say. As for everything else, just leave it to us. It’s our passion. And our expertise. We love it. And it means that you can get on with your day job.


Nothing puts pressure on a business like tough times. Even in a recession, however, there is an opportunity for growth. Or maybe your marketing budget is being squeezed but you’re not sure which bit needs the chop. Whether you want to spend more, less or the same, never has it been more important to get the absolute maximum from every penny of advertising revenue.
We will ensure that effective monitoring systems are in place for each and every part of your campaign. Measuring response gives you the opportunity to adapt your product and approach.
And it doesn’t end there. Once your campaign is complete, we will constantly review it and alert you to any new opportunities as they arise.
With consistent on-going support, we are an extension of your own business.

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